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Glossary keyword - Link Farm

Link Farm

Link farm on the World Wide Web is a group of websites that are all connected together with a network of interconnected hyperlinks. Usually, link farms are created using automated programs and services. However, they can also be created manually. Link farms are considered to be spamming the web search engine indexes. This is also referred to as spamdexing. There are other forms of link exchange services on the web, which aren’t considered to be spamdexing. These allow a selective exchange of links between an individual website and other relevant websites. The latter is mainly based on relevance to each party of the link farm.

How Does Link Farm Work?

To ascertain relevance, search engines have to confirm page relevancy. In order to confirm this, they examine one-way links coming in from relevant websites. It is important not to confuse the process of link building with joining link farms. Because link farms require reciprocal return links. Therefore totally negating the advantages for SEO and the overall backlinks acquired in the process. This is as a result of oscillation since it becomes unclear which site is the promoting party and which is the vendor. Link farms were introduced by search engine optimizers back in 1990. Initially, link farm exchanges were handled in an informal manner. However, services companies were started to provide this service.

Present Day Significance

With the introduction of the PageRank algorithm of Google, search engine optimizers found out some links are more valuable than others. As such influenced website authority and position in search results. Instead of simply considering the overall number of inbound links to be equals, the PageRank algorithm weighs its relevance and value. Therefore link farms were modified to assist member website pages to attain higher PageRank. One of the largest link farms is the private blog network (PBN). The PBN is a collection of blogs belonging to the same corporation. 

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