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Glossary keyword - Link Sculpting

Link Sculpting

Link sculpting is the process of increasing the PageRank of a website by manipulating the flow of link juice. PageRank is how Google determines where a website should appear in a search result. When positioned well, the internal links of a website can direct Google’s bots strategically. Thereby pointing them to the advantageous areas of a website. Hence boosting your website’s overall ranking in search results. Basically, there are two types of links. The “no follow” and “dofollow” links. The process of link sculpting uses nofollow link attribute to prevent the internal flow of link juice on a website.

Link Sculpting Techniques

The common link sculpting tactic is to use “nofollow” attribute tags to move PageRank from most popular web pages like the home page through to other pages with internal links. The link sculpting technique of boosting PageRank was quite popular in 2008 and 2009. However, it now considered unnatural, ineffective and a Grey Hat SEO practice. Grey Hat SEO practices are varieties of means used to intentionally manipulate search engines in an attempt to quickly get higher PageRank. Google makes routine changes to its PageRank algorithm. These changes target specific Grey Hat techniques, which could be disastrous for websites using such techniques.

How to Go About it

For example, your website has 6 outbound links. You wish to have PageRank pass to only 3 out of these 4 links. Tagging the one link you do not want to pass PageRank will essential make this possible. Hence, it helps to shape how search spiders go about on your web pages. Ultimately, the benefits of this practice depend largely on your tactics and individual application of its methods. Apart from the obvious benefits of tagging specific links as nofollow during link sculpting, some search engine optimizers recommend removing or disallowing them. This approach improves crawl efficiency, also resulting in better PageRank. 

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