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Glossary keyword - Linkbait


Linkbait is the process of creating high-quality content which will get links from other websites. Those external websites will link to the content voluntarily, without asking them to do so. The purpose of this practice is attracting many backlinks to the page and hence, improving search rankings.

Importance of Linkbait

High-quality content is a linkable asset for a website. While building the content, writers should consistently analyze if the article or blog post is worth to link. There is no sure formula for an excellent content creation that the users will connect. However, offering helpful solutions or detailed answers can be some of the ways to create a linkable post. If more websites refer to an external page, it signals to search engines that the post is impeccable and reliable. Therefore, the ranking of that page increases. Also, visitors to external websites will enter another page by clicking the inbound link. This process will increase the volume of referral traffic for the page. 

Other than backlinks, Linkbait content also plays an essential role in social sharing. It is crucial to publish the post on time. For instance, if there is groundbreaking news, it is necessary to post related content when the story is still vital. Missing this window of opportunity will not bring any benefit to the website. Besides, sharing on Twitter or Facebook guarantees that the article will capture the attention of the audience fastly. These platforms also provide access to a broader base of people. 


News can be one type of linkbait content that has timing. This post can be about a product release, such as a new iPhone or a software update. However, there are some other types of articles that are timeless. Timeless content brings long-lasting link bait. It is called evergreen content that does not become obsolete after some time. The examples can be eBook or updated valuable posts that people continuously search for, like SEO guidelines. 

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