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Glossary keyword - LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising is a significant B2B (business-to-business) marketing method. Though it is less prominent than Facebook or Google Ads, LinkedIn gives a competitive edge with its professional user base. With other platforms aimed mostly for entertainment, business ads might be annoying. However, as business people primarily integrate with LinkedIn for professional purposes, they will appreciate B2B ads more on this platform. Besides, nowadays, LinkedIn Ads also act as a useful platform for B2C(business-to-consumer) marketing. Non-profit organizations or universities use this channel to promote their ideas or find the right applicants. 

How to Use LinkedIn Advertising?

To utilize this digital marketing tool, people need to sign in to Campaign Manager of LinkedIn. Here they can choose their lead objects such as creating awareness, consideration, or conversion. In the next step, marketers need to target the criteria and the format of the ad. They can choose among single, carousel, message, or video ad types. After that step, advertisers should create the campaign itself. They can add name, description, or image in this step. Lastly, if marketers want users to fill a form, they can include the details here. It is also necessary to complete the privacy policy section.

Target Audience 

One of the benefits of LinkedIn Advertising is its audience customization. There is a function called LinkedIn Matched Audiences. It is a feature that allows marketers to target three types of audience base. The first one is Account Targeting. It lets the advertiser upload the Comma-Separated Value file(CSV) of company names. In this way, it allows targeting specific decision-makers and influencers. The second type is the Website Retargeting. Here marketers can target users who have already visited the website before. The last one, Contact Targeting, communicate to people who a company is connected. To do so, marketers again need to upload a CSV list of email addresses of those people. 

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