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Glossary keyword - Local Citation

Local Citation

A local citation is adding business details on several platforms. These details can be contact information, name of the company, location, postal code, website, or social media accounts. It is a strategy to increase the ranking of a website in search results. The reason for the higher rank is that the algorithm views your business as a reliable one if you are mentioned on several different platforms. Citing the website on other pages signals to the algorithm that the company is trustworthy.


There exist different types of citations. The most famous one is “NAP”-name, address, phone number. It is a full or complete local citation. If one does not include any of these three elements, the process is partial. Also, the form of citation can be NAPW- name, address, phone number, and website. Additionally, UNAP-URL, name, address, phone number method also exist.

Structured Citations 

On the other hand, another classification exists based on platforms where citation locates. There are structured citations. These citations are made in business directory listings like Yelp, Yellowpages, MapQuest, or Superpages. Meanwhile, unstructured citations are the ones that appear in any other place than directories. 

Citations and Backlinking 

The critical consideration is that local citation is different from backlink building. One does not need to link back the directory to the webpage to make it work. The process is still valuable without the backlink. The logic behind is that the algorithm anyway identifies that the business name appears on other sites. However, claiming that links are not worthy is also wrong. After all, including them will be more beneficial. The consideration is that the link is not mandatory. 

Creating Citations

For creating a valuable local citation, there exist many steps of SEO strategy. For instance, having a business email increases the reliability of the brand. Besides, owners should ensure that name, address, contact numbers, or any other details are consistent on each page. It is also useful to add the category on which a website works.

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