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Glossary keyword - Made For AdSense

Made For AdSense

Made for AdSense (MFA) is a practice of creating web pages with the sole purpose of keyword promotion, instead of quality content. Usually, these pages include content that targets some AdSense keywords. However, the quality of the material is poor. Sometimes, people use robotic texts or get the help of non-professional writers to create such inferior quality materials. Their goal is not benefiting readers or providing actual value. Instead, they try to collect revenue from AdSense. 

Made For Adsense Technics

Standard practices in such pages are the heavy usage of Search Engine Optimization techniques or showing users content that is different from what search engine bots see. Loading the site with keywords and non-sense text is also another widespread practice. 

One can confuse MFA with the SEO process. While optimizing the website, specialists also use specific keywords and try to boost their content in a way that will increase their ranking. However, the main difference is integrity and judgment. In SEO, this process is done in a fair amount where offering high-quality content to users is the number one priority.


As previously said, one of the purposes of Made For AdSense actions is to generate revenue. People earn money with the help of arbitrage. In financial terms, arbitrage is the practice of taking benefit from price changes. In digital arbitrage, it is the same. Publishers purchase cheap AdWords tags and then drive traffic to the pages to increase revenue from more expensive ads on site. Another method is benefiting from the price difference between AdWords and AdSense. First, people buy a low-price AdWords campaign. The ads drive high volume traffic to a page. However, the page includes more expensive ad keywords in it. Google prohibits the usage of robotic texts loaded with keywords to attract visitors. Yet, there is no explicit restriction for arbitrage of AdSense.

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