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Glossary keyword - Malware


What is it?

The term malware refers to malicious software. It is simply any software designed with the intent of damaging other devices, stealing personal data, intervening user experience, and causing a mess. There are various types of viruses such as spyware, ransomware, computer viruses, Trojans are among those viruses. 

Why is it used?

Usually, computer hackers create this type of software. The intention of those hackers is obviously making illegal money either by selling the software or using it themselves. On the dark web, there are auctions that sell the public these types of software. 

On the other hand, they used to test the security of certain applications, detect the weak points, and fix them in order to improve protection against future attacks.

What do these viruses do?

Malware can do all kinds of things because it is a vast category. There are common types of viruses that are frequently used by hackers.


Spyware is a malware designed by hackers to spy on other people. Spyware can see:

  • notes that users are taking online

  • the passwords that people use for logging in

  • debit/credit card numbers

  • users’ surfing habits on the web


This type of malicious software can lock down user computer devices by using network interfaces. They threaten a user by claiming to delete all the necessary information on the device unless a certain amount of ransom is paid.


Botnets are infected computer networks used to steal information, perform DDOS attacks, and other similar actions that require a set of devices.


Worm viruses can infect the entire network of computers from either local or the ones that are connected through the internet. Worms use network interfaces, and they make other machines to infect each other with these viruses. 


Trojans are one of the most active malware types that can damage user devices. They are used by hackers to create backdoors on-device security and let other viruses in.

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