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Glossary keyword - Manual Action

Manual Action

Manual actions are penalties Google places on websites they deem to spammy or behaving in some unethical way online. Usually, they come from the Google Search Consoles and do not depend on the changes in Google’s search algorithm like Hummingbird, Penguin, or Panda. They help Google penalize websites that spam to achieve their objective online.

Primarily, manual actions demote websites or remove them entirely from Google’s index. There are different types of manual penalties, depending on the offense of the website in question. Often Google will issue a site a manual action when the site has been hacked, has spammy free hosts or unnatural links within it.

Types of Manual Actions

Below is a list of Google’s manual actions currently in effect. These manual penalties are not final. There are ways of petitioning Google and resolving them. 

  • Structured data issue

  • User-generated spam

  • Unnatural links from your site

  • Spammy free host

  • Cloaked images

  • Structured data issue

  • Keyword stuffing

  • Thin content

  • Sneaky mobile redirects

  • Pure spam

  • Cloaking

  • AMP content mismatch

Once a website receives any one of these manual penalties, the webmaster has to get to work to resolve it. This is because Google only issues manual actions after manual reviewing your site and finding guideline violations. Most of these actions adversely affect the website value and ranking on SERP.

Dealing With Them

The only way to resolve manual actions is to get Google to remove them. However, this won’t happen until the complete resolution of the cause of the manual penalty. Typically, site owners or webmasters receive a GSC email that describes the issue. 

The email also contains a list of URLs on your site where Google implemented the same penalties. This could either be a short or tall list, depending on your case. However, it’s crucial to note that this list is a sample. Site owners have to resolve every issue with the site before Google removes the manual action. 



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