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Glossary keyword - Martech


Martech is a combination of Marketing and Technology. It is a collection of tools or software available to marketers in the scope of technology. These tools enable users to streamline or even automate various marketing tasks. These processes include analysis of data, collection of insights, and their application to future marketing tasks. It can also help in the completion of promotional campaigns.

Martech started in 1999 when Salesforce introduced a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), model. It made CRM software available to companies of all shapes and sizes. Salesforce did so at the cost of a fraction of the conventional systems. Only industry leaders could afford these before Webtech. They took industries by storm. Today, there are over 7000 martech vendors in the world, as seen in the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2019).

Why Adopt Martech?

There are many benefits of martech – you can use various tools to execute time-consuming tasks like pulling data and finding assets, all in an automatic fashion. You can enable company-wide access of progress reports. Thus, it helps to communicate effectively. You can strengthen buyer-seller relationships by using an organized database because all history stays intact. Marketing teams use a collection of tools known as - martech stack. A perfect and personalized martech stack depends on a company’s needs. 

A Plethora of Tools

There are endless martech tools available in various categories of marketing. Martech includes Content Marketing Tools such as a Content Management System, SEO tools, Content Marketing Platforms, Content Curation Tools, and Digital Asset Management tools. Wordpress, Yoast SEO, Moz, Contently, Feedly and WebDAM are notable examples.

Rich Media Tools are also part of martech stack. They include Video Making Tools, Video Marketing Platforms, Podcasting Tools, and Graphic Designing Tools. Biteable, Vimeo, iTunes, Canva are respective examples.

Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing Tools, Marketing Automation Tools are invaluable to marketers. Users can automate repetitive tasks such as social analysis, sending out emails. It makes functioning easy. Martech also plays a considerable role in Data Analysis. It entails platforms like Adobe Audience Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.

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