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Glossary keyword - Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is the process of adjusting the website so that the content fits mobile devices. The need for that process is that mobile devices have smaller screens. The desktop version of a website can be challenging to read and navigate through mobile devices. Hence, the elements within the page should be changed, respectively. This process will also aid the website to appear among top search results.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Nowadays, there is much emphasis on mobile versions of websites. Considering that almost 60% of all searches are made using smartphones and tablets, this trend is not surprising. Besides, mobile-friendliness also affects the ranking of the page. The newest algorithms evaluate this factor as it indicates how much a website cares about the user experience. Even Google offers its Mobile-Friendly Test to identify if the site of the company has an excellent mobile version.

Mobile optimization involves several modifications to an existing website. These adjustments include working on formatting, images, buttons, etc. For instance, the texts are easy to read on small screens if they are scrollable. It can be annoying to click a little button every time for getting to the next page. One should consider that people use their smartphones frequently while they are on the go. Hence, the overall page design should be simple. Eliminating unnecessary details is essential. This process also includes the images.

Great User Experience

For example, the high-quality image should not have small elements that are not necessary for the readers. Cropping can be the right solution. Besides, the font size should be bigger and paragraphs shorter. Focusing on the go can be difficult. Hence, short sentences and paragraphs ensure that visitors can skim the sections. If there is any function that the website is famous, such as blogs, this function should appear in a place that is easy to notice instantly. Overall, mobile optimization ensures that users enjoy a great experience no matter what type of device they use. 

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