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Glossary keyword - Native advertising

Native advertising

What is native advertising? 

Native advertising is the use of paid advertisements that can match the look and the feel of the media format that they appear in. Native advertisements are frequently used in social media feeds, or they can be found in the recommended content field of the websites. Native ads are different from banner or display ads because they do not look like ads on the feed, unlike those two. The main characteristic of native ads is non-disruptiveness. Those ads need to be part of the editorial flow, look natural, and as expected. They aim to expose readers/visitors to ads without annoying or explicitly letting them know. 

What native advertising looks like?

  • They look like In-Feed ads: Those ads that appear in the news feeds of various social media accounts. (for example, on Facebook or Twitter news feeds)

  • Promoted listings: Advertisement listings that frequently appear on top of the search engine results or the ones that appear on sidebars of SERPs. 

  • As a Recommendation: They usually appear as a recommendation below the main content. This type of ad is usually related to the primary article in some way, which brings a higher click-through rate.

Why are they used so frequently by marketers?

The first reason that leads marketers to use this type of ads is that they work perfectly. Consumers get engaged in native advertisements 53% more than usual display ads that they encounter. Native advertising intends to increase sales by 18%. 

Native ads can fight advertising fatigue of target audiences. Ad fatigue refers to the boredom of the audience who no longer wishes to see any ad banners. After some time, they skip ads and don’t look at their contents. Native ads used as editorial content, and that is the main reason why they do not tire or bore audiences. As long as the advertising content is relevant to the topic and enjoyable to read, native ads can work smoothly. 

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