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Glossary keyword - Natural Links

Natural Links

Natural links are links that exist organically, or they haven't been placed intentionally by website owners. In essence, natural links do not exist within paid or sponsored content for obvious reasons. They also do not have parameters for tracking. Neither do natural links redirect through monetization tools or Javascripts. Simply put, natural links occur as a reference to a relevant source, website or piece of content. As opposed to unnatural links that are paid for, traced and monetized through several affiliate programs. Main sources of such unnatural links are CPC campaigns, influencer channels, and affiliate programs.

Benefits of Natural Links

Acquiring natural links have several SEO benefits. This is mainly because when other bloggers, website owners, and webmasters link to your content, your content is perceived as very useful and relevant. As such is recommended by search engines and pushed higher up the search results. Natural link building generates value for both parties. Therefore, having natural links is widely accepted as the safest, fastest and best way to promote a website or blog. Efficiency in link building necessitates natural links for most websites, bloggers and website owners. Because with natural links, you can rest assured that Google algorithmic changes will not affect your rankings and web traffic.

How to Get Natural Links

Publishing good quality content online is one of the fastest ways to get natural links. A website with unique and outstanding content never lack links. People are always looking for credible and trustworthy content to connect with their sites. Moreover, everybody wants to avoid plagiarized content. Especially due to copyright issues. Everybody wants more links because the more links you have the higher you rank for particular keywords. This is why natural links are one of the most important aspects of link building in terms of off-site search engine optimization. 

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