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Glossary keyword - Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

A navigation bar can be of many types, but it has a single purpose – users’ convenience. Website home-pages, web browsers, games, applications, and smartphone UIs - all use these to aid navigation. Developers refer to them as 'navbars.' The easiest way to create a navbar is by using a hierarchical, unordered list option in CSS.

Constituents of a Navigation Bar

The forward and back buttons in web browsers along with the Location Bar (for entering the URLs) comprise a web browser’s navigation bar. On websites, it is a collection of various sections that form this navigational tool. These sections may have sub-sections. It connects the home-page with all the main pages of that website. The navbar is like the content-page of a book, except it has links that can directly take the user from one webpage to another, as per his/her convenience. It may also be in the form of a drop-down menu and have anchors with web-page links.

Why Have One?

Thus, they are a valuable but straightforward part of websites. They promote ease of browsing. Without a navigation bar, it may become challenging to move around within the website. They are commonly found on the home-page and also in the sides - as the sidebar of other pages. Application sidebars allow users to expand/contract them. Navbars play a significant role in places where user experience is crucial, for example, E-commerce websites.  

File Browsers or File managers include Navigation Bars as well. Here, they help go through file documents and organize them. A classic example is the ‘My Documents’ application in smartphones. Talking of Smartphones, you will find such bars there too. Users will usually find them under the status bar or at the very bottom of the screens. They help the movement between hierarchical screens. The elements of a smartphone navigation bar are - control options like back buttons, edit buttons, and delete buttons.

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