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Glossary keyword - Netiquette


Netiquette is the short form of internet etiquette word, which stands for code of polite behavior around the internet. That includes many variations and several aspects of the internet, such as social media usage, emails, web forms, comment sections, online chants, multiplayer games, and such online communication forms. While there are no evident and generalized rules for netiquette, the common idea is to have respect for others and being polite to each one of them. 

Proper Netiquette needs to consist of the following attributes:

  • Offensive comments and usage of inflammatory language is no polite way of communication on the internet.

  • The privacy of other people needs to be respected by others. Individuals are urged not to share personal information, videos, or photos of others without their consent on the subject matter. If those people do not want others to publish the data mentioned above on the internet, then they should not do that because it is against the rules of netiquette.

  • Sending unsolicited emails is not acceptable because it is considered as spam in online platforms.

  • Sportsmanship is the key for Netiquette rules. People need to act accordingly while they play online games, and whether they lose or win, the approach needs to be the same.

  • Do not troll others on online forums and make fun of them.

  • People need to stick to the topic while they use the comment sections of social media platforms.

  • Swearing, offensive language, hate speech, and such things are strictly prohibited by netiquette rules, so people need to avoid them.  

  • It is better to break the cycle with positive vibes rather than continue negativity with more aggressive replies on comment sections and web forums.

  • If there is someone who asks questions and you know the answer, try to help them out.

  • The last unwritten rule of the netiquette: appreciating and thanking others after they helped people about a particular issue.

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