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Glossary keyword - Organic Link

Organic Link

An organic link is a link to a website from external sources which the site owner did not ask or pay for it. It is naturally put by someone who is referring to a site or showing it as a credible source. The quality and authoritativeness of the content play the biggest role in this process.

Why Are Organic Links Important?

Organic links are the most crucial kind of external links from an SEO viewpoint. These links direct the reader to a particular website. The owner of the site that receives these links does not ask for them. So, Google algorithms figure out that these links are natural. When Google discovers that the website receives backlinks from credible sources, it starts to rank the website higher. It happens because Google thinks the website receiving this natural link is valuable. 

Further, the website must receive organic links from a higher ranking site. In this case, Google accepts this link even more relevant. So, it places the link receiving website in a higher position in search results. 

How to Generate Organic Links

It is possible to acquire organic links in several ways. One of them is through generating value-added content. In this case, value means useful, new, or easily-readable information for the reader. Another way is to utilize social network sites. Using sites like Twitter and Facebook is very helpful in creating an organic link. Also, sharing experiences is an excellent way to generate natural links. In such cases, it is essential to give useful information, how-to guides, and more to the reader. The online community appreciates such valuable information. Lastly, making use of the community for natural link building is quite feasible. Online communities and forums can be used for this purpose. In this case, industry professionals and experts can make links to the targeted website. 


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