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Glossary keyword - Outbound Link

Outbound Link

Outbound links are links that send website visitors to another site on the internet. They are the opposite of inbound links that send visitors to a particular page on the same site. Outbound links are commonly used for backing up facts, verify shreds of evidence, and more. If some other site links to your website, that is an outbound link. In case your website links to another website that is also considered as an outbound link. 

Why Are Outbound Links important?

Search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing believe that it is more important what other sources tell about you rather than your view. That is the reason why outbound links pass more value in comparison with inbound links. If more websites link to your website, search engine bots see it as a more reliable source. To determine the popularity and relevance of a particular site, search engines use outbound links because they are harder to manipulate. 

There are two kinds of external links that are no-follow and do-follow links. 

What are the differences?

  • No Follow outbound links tells search engines not to follow those links as it is evident from the name tag

    • Do-Follow outbound links pass on ranking power from a particular website to the targeted pages that appear on the search engines. 

Do follow many websites highly use links because it increases credibility. They look like votes. If the website allows visitors to see and pass to another site, it gives them a vote of confidence, so that leads to authority. In no follow outbound link, website owners cannot provide that authority to users or visitors. Though, they can avoid some penalization that almost all of the famous search engine systems use to control the overuse of particular a kind of links on any website.

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