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Glossary keyword - Page Speed

Page Speed

Page speed determines how fast content loads on a web page. Different factors determine the rate at which a page loads. Some of the factors include page file size, image compression, and the website’s server. There are two ways to describe page speed: page load time or time to first byte.

Page load time shows how long it takes for content on a web page to display. Time to first byte shows how long a browser receives the first byte of information from a web server. Most users concentrate on page load time, but search engines focus on both kinds of page speed.

When a web page is not able to load fast, it can negatively impact the:

  • SEO and keyword ranking on the search engine results page (SERP)

  • Conversion rate

  • User experience

  • Brand credibility and reputation

Site developers must place much emphasis on improving the speed on their website. Google uses page speed as one of its algorithms to rank web pages. When users consider the bounce rates, crawling, user engagement, and overall conversion rates, they will notice that website speed plays a significant role in SEO optimization.

Google’s Crawling Budget

Google has a crawling budget allocated to testing and ranking websites. When the speed of a site is slow, Google bots are not able to crawl through them quickly. When that happens, Google hesitates to bring back Google bots for analysis. So instead, a search engine redirects their crawling budget to sites with faster page loading.

Ultimately, Google aims to provide users with a better browsing experience. Therefore, if a page loads slowly, it will rank low. Page speed has a high impact on SEO. However, even though users should focus on improving their ranks in SERPs, they should also consider the user experience. A good browser experience ensures that visitors stay on the site, thereby boosting the SERPs rank. In the end, it will increase the conversion rate and improve brand credibility and reputation.



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