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Glossary keyword - Page Template

Page Template

Page Templates are standard layouts to change the design and feel of a page. Designers can use templates for single or multiple pages and different sections of a page. Two types of models exist which have different concepts; custom templates and standard ones.

Custom Page Templates

When clients of web design companies hear the word ‘template,’ they immediately start thinking about cheap and pre-made themes. However, a custom template still has a unique web design tailored to the client’s needs. Yet, it has a standard framework. For instance, think about the Facebook profile page. All profile pages have the same structure in terms of where the photo and banner are located. This example indicates the template that lays out the information or content in a particular way.

Template Layout

Websites also have templates. In most cases, the homepage has a different framework than any other inner page. Sometimes people think that every page- about us, products, and more, should have a unique layout. In contrast, internal pages are based on the same templates. It means that the pages have a similar framework for images, content, and navigation. The differences can be in the volume of text or design elements. 

Meanwhile, it is also possible to get a unique page template for each page. However, this process requires a considerable budget. Hence, it is better to use templates for inner pages to reduce costs. Besides, some parts of the website, like a portfolio or blog page, usually do not fit the standard layout. Hence, they need to have a unique design. 

Standard Templates

Page Templates are generally available in site building platforms such as Wordpress. They are cheap and pre-made designs for easy implementation. Though web templates are standard, Wordpress also allows some customization, such as colors or images. People can also decide the number of pages the layout will apply or how they will be controlled. 

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