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Glossary keyword - Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is the volume of visitors who enter the website as it was advertised. Many different platforms offer paid advertising options. For instance, one can see ads on the sides of the page frequently. These are display ads. Also, social media sites utilize paid advertising. Facebook, with its vast member base, is the most popular platform for paid advertising. Besides, search engines also offer paid promotion tools. For instance, Google Adwords is one of the most popular ones. 

Different Forms of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising also has different forms. The one that Google Adwords utilize is PPC- pay-per-click. It means a visitor clicks the ad, and the company pays for that click. Another type is CPM which is the cost per thousand. The difference from PPC is that the advertiser pays a fixed amount for every 1000 impressions. M in CMP is for thousand; however, it is in Roman numeral. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Paid Traffic

Generating paid traffic has its benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, it is beneficial for companies with a limited budget. They can set the limits beforehand. Once the payment accumulated by clicks reaches the limit, advertising stops. On the other hand, clicking does not lead to increased conversion rates directly. There is no guarantee that the visitor will become a buyer. The situation gets even more challenging if the website is designed poorly. 

The user entering the site might not like and leave immediately. As a result, the bounce rate will increase. This rate hurts rankings. The reason is that leaving quickly the website signals the algorithm that the page has low-quality material. Consequently, a company pays for the click, which brings many other disadvantages. Attracting paid traffic is no easy task. If not done correctly, it brings more problems than advantages. However, it can benefit considerably small companies with a limited budget.

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