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Glossary keyword - Plugin


A plugin is an addition to a software program that enhances its capabilities. It allows the view or customization of contents. For instance, sometimes, to play a game or watch a video in a web browser, people might need to use a software add-in. The reason is that the web browser does not have the tool that plugin offers. 

There exist many benefits of these tools. Users can experience endless possibilities of the Internet, including pictures, sounds, videos, or animation. Plus, these add-ins also help to customize content. By using add-ins to customize fonts or add Youtube videos, people can also ensure their blogs get better Pagerank.

Plugin vs. Extensions

Sometimes people confuse plugins with extensions. From the functionality side, they might be similar. However, there exist some differences. For example, these add-ins only know about the page that they are used to. They usually work the same across browsers. However, there is a particular page that plugins are embedded.

On the other hand, extensions get data from a web browser, and people can use them on all pages. It is also worthy of mentioning that extensions are gaining popularity over add-ins. The main reasons are that software add-ins are functionally complex, and their security is more challenging. 

Some Examples

While these add-ins started losing their importance, there are still several plugins that are highly valuable. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of them that allows users to view PDF files. Another example can be Adobe Flash Player. Sometimes people need a Flash Player to view content such as video or slides. They are also useful in gaming, too. Probably one of the most popular add-ins is Bukkit. This tool allows players to customize their games in Minecraft. For instance, creating multiple worlds or mapping them is possible with Bukkit. Additionally, print services like HP or Samsung also benefit from add-ins to send material from devices to printers. Lastly, with the help of Wordpress add-in, people can customize how their web design looks and feels. 

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