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Glossary keyword - Primary Keyword

Primary Keyword

The primary keyword is the main word or combination of words that one wants to rank on search engines. It is also called the Main or Head keyword. While searching for Search Engine Optimization, one will come across “keyword optimization” term a lot. 

Primary Keywords in SEO

It would not be wrong if one claims that this process is the foundation of all SEO strategies. The process involves the identification of primary or secondary keywords. There exist many tools to help one to choose effective keywords. Ahrefs, SEMrush are some of the examples. Specialists can enter the central area of their service or product category. Then they will find a lot of different keywords. The word or word combination with most traffic value can be the main keywords. After deciding the primary one, the website or webpage should be optimized based on this word. For example, specialists can insert the primary keyword to the title, meta descriptions, or headings. 

Using Primary Keywords

It is also possible that the company is small and not capable of competing for the main keyword. Then secondary keywords come to help in these situations. Besides, they can also expand access to a broader customer base. A secondary keyword is created by adding more words or descriptives to the main one. For instance, consider ‘sports shoes’ as a head keyword. Then, the secondary one can be ‘quality women sport shoes.’ 

Keyword Utility 

Generally, keywords act like the ID of the website. Algorithms of search engines detect the links by analyzing the keywords. Those words signal what is the primary function of the site. Additionally, they help users. The audience uses these words to find out the websites helpful to them. Hence, the site must appear among the top results if related keywords are entered. Otherwise, people might hesitate to join pages that have a low ranking. A primary keyword is an essential part of the optimization process. When used correctly, keywords result in better rankings in a short period. 

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