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Glossary keyword - Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights

The term Private Label Rights is often used in internet marketing. This term refers to a license that allows the author to sell a significant part or all of the intellectual property rights to the workplace he or she works for. Though the license has no legal definition, it is defined by the author personally. The term Private Label Rights has been derived from private labeling. This idea is also similar to resell rights, which is also used in the sphere of digital marketing

Its use

The use of Private Labeling Rights would be to license different digital products like ebooks, software, articles, blogs, etc. The reason behind the practice is since there are many buyers of the same product, the price of a unit is usually lower than creating an identical product from scratch. Ordinary people can also buy such private label content, which is limited in distribution, hence lowering the number of competing marketers that are using similar content. 

Such private label content can also come in different forms like PLR reports, articles, templates, email newsletters, and even such content like videos. 

Private Label Rights may come with varying rights that chance in regards to the developer. This makes it essential to check every license before using it. This makes the user familiar with any restrictions that can be placed by the author. 


Since private labels are consumed by different customers and carry no exclusive or unique content, many marketers often avoid adding private label content to their advertising campaigns. They prefer to use such content as a resource rather than a source. This means marketers revise and improve the PLR content before releasing it under their brand.


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