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Glossary keyword - QDF


QDF, also known as “Quicken data file,” are files that have specific extensions like “.qdf” that can usually be launched using dedicated applications. Sometimes QDF files are just raw, non visual data meaning they are not meant to be opened or viewed in the first place. 

What exactly are QDF files

QDF is a file used by Quicken personal finance software running on Windows OS. It is a file saved in the QDF format and is attached alongside the .qdf extensions. QDF files usually house primary data such as transactions, portfolios, accounts, and balance information. 

A user can have access to such data by entering “C:\Users\[User Name]\My document\Quicken\ on Windows 7 and Windows XP users can have access by entering C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\My Documents\Quicken. 

These types of files are usually named “QDATA” as default but can be changed to a custom name according to users’ personal preferences. Users are advised to back up QDF files via CD, DVD, or USB due to the importance of the data written on them in order to avoid accidental loss. Users can also backup such data through online cloud storage platforms which allows for instant access.

How QDF files are opened

A user can launch a QDF file by double-clicking on it on a personal computer. If there is a software program that can launch the file and is associated correctly, it should open instantly. Usually, Windows operating systems do not come with dedicated software to launch QDF files, thus making it necessary to download an external application. 

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