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Glossary keyword - Real-time marketing

Real-time marketing

What is real-time marketing?

Real-time marketing is a method of advertising which involves the promotion of products or services focused primarily on current events. Marketers use current trends and feedback of customers to develop new ideas and connect consumers with services and products that they produce. Access to real-time information is very important for this field of marketing. The rise of social media marketing contributed to real-time marketing hugely because of the easy access to up-to-date information and accessible target audiences. Marketers can find the information about future customers through social media accounts and turn that information to messages that they thought particular customer type might like.

Why is this strategy effective?

Users want to be a part of social media trends, and that is the main reason why real-time marketing is effective. By taking advantage of current events, marketers can increase their sales and chances of making their services and products appealing to customers. The definition of this term changed over time after new ways were invented that can help companies reach out to their target audiences. Overall, it is all about the right message delivered to the customer on the right platform and at the right time.

Benefits of RT marketing

Early years of RT marketing was considered a risky business because companies were hoping to get the tone right whenever they interacted with customers. They were guessing about customer preferences and had a fifty percent chance of guessing it right. Modern technology, such as customer analytics, helps marketers to get the best out of real-time marketing strategy. Multiple sources can give marketers customer data that they can utilize and learn the behavioral intelligence of separate customer groups. It is easy to market goods when companies know the current preferences of the customers and makes the best decision.


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