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Glossary keyword - Really Simple Syndication

Really Simple Syndication

RSS – Really Simple Syndication is a kind of data format in which website updates are provided to users. Users can get access to updates from many websites using a single aggregator, known as an RSS. The tool employs XML language to restructure website information. It is also known as Rich Site Summary. The functions of an RSS feed are not only limited to updating users. The updates are also gathered in one place and organized so users can view them conveniently. The RSS aggregator will automatically research new updates and bring them to the feed.  

How RSS Ensures Convenience

Really Simple Syndication ensures that one doesn’t have to visit websites separately or subscribe to newsletters that can easily get lost in Mailboxes. For instance, if you love reading blogs on many sites, an RSS plug-in can bring you updates in one place. This information will be posted in a chronological list. You will not have to visit blog pages separately to look for something new to read. All these updates reach a user in real-time, thus ensuring timely reminders. RSS feeds are also highly customizable. Therefore, users may choose if they want website updates from only one section.

How to Use Really Simple Syndication?

Most platforms with blogs, news, or video content will have an orange icon. The presence of this icon suggests that the user can subscribe to the content using their RSS reader. There are many kinds of RSS readers available out there. The one that individuals choose will depend on their functionality. There is the browser RSS which lets users stay in touch with the RSS feed remotely. These are best for news and blog updates. There are plug-ins for Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, and Internet Explorer. RSS readers are also available as applications. To use these applications, one may combine them with any program.  



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