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Glossary keyword - Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal link is a type of agreement between any two webmasters. This agreement allows them to connect through a hyperlink set up on their respective website. The reason behind the connection is to provide users with links that would enable quick access between the sites and sometimes to show the level of cooperation between them. 

Web Traffic and Reciprocal Links

Through reciprocal links, websites can increase their traffic both ways. Since the chance of a website getting searched and clicked directly is not so high, a reciprocal link allows it to be discovered faster. Another phenomenal aspect of the reciprocal link is that it helps websites rank higher on search engines. This works by having a website’s hyperlink up on many sites, most search engines take this into account, and post websites with many hyperlinks on different webpages higher than regular websites. 

The Right Approach 

If the links on a webpage are open, transparent, and used in a reasonable amount, then search engines might find them to be legitimate and allow them. These links have to provide valuable content to visitors and cover the topics it mentions. If a website creator leaves indications on his or her website that they will link back to those linking to their website, then it could mean trouble for the site. Search engines, as a result, can add websites to a suspicious list and take a closer look at it, sometimes ending up with the demise of the website.

Search Engines and Reciprocal Link

Most major search engines like Google and Bing provide guidelines for reciprocal linking. Google has a page dedicated to link schemes that warn users against extensive linking that may damage their ranking. Google also warns against links that are intended to mangle with PageRank. Links that lead to web scams and dangerous websites are also not welcome by Google. The use of excessive reciprocal link and link exchange may damage the website’s credibility. Also, selling and purchasing links that pass PageRank are condemned by Google. 

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