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Glossary keyword - Redirect


The term redirect in web development refers to a page that automatically sends a visitor to another webpage. These redirections are usually to other pages like related articles or sections of articles. If a user enters a wiki link, for example, named “The US,” he or she will be taken to a column called the United States of America. On top of the page, there will a note that says “redirected from US.” The reason behind this is that the webpage US has a special wikitext that sets it as a redirect page that refers to the targeted article. 

Quality Redirects 

The more advanced syntax can be used to redirect pages to particular sections. Content such as redirect category templates, and category links can be found in redirect pages. In general, redirects are used as a way to help users arrive faster at a webpage. 

Targeted and Untargeted 

Redirects are, most of the time, untargeted. What this means is that they lead to a page, not any specific section of the page. That happens when there is more than one name an article could get. An example would be: “Airplanes could be redirected to Fighter jets.” That does not, however, mean a redirect cannot be targeted; in fact, there are also targeted redirects. These targeted redirects can lead to specific points on the webpage, like anchors texts and section headers. For example, on a given webpage, Fighter jets can contain a code #REDIRECT [[Stealth fighters#Boeing and Lockheed Martin]], this code will direct Boeing and Lockheed Martin section to the article about Stealth fighters. Hence, entering “Fighter jets” will bring the reader to content that is related to Stealth fighters and their companies. 

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