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Glossary keyword - Referral traffic

Referral traffic

Referral traffic is the volume of visitors that enter the website from outside sources. The primary differentiation of traffic is that the audience does not come from the search engine itself. The source of traffic can be various. For instance, one can leave a link in a forum or blog. People clicking this link are called referral traffic. Alternatively, if one uses pay-per-click ads, the audience that enters the link is traffic. 

Types of Traffics

There are three types of traffic that Google Analytics monitors. One is search traffic. As its name suggests, this kind indicates the number of people visiting the website from the search engine. The second is direct traffic. When a person directly inserts the link and enter the page, it is called direct traffic. The last type is referral traffic. As explained before, it reflects the number of people that discover the link of the webpage from other sources.

Increase Referral Traffic

The high volume of traffic benefits the website as it increases the ranking of the page. The rise is due to two factors. First, people visit the site more, and traffic volume affects ranking positively. Secondly, referral traffic signals the reliability of the page. If many people enter the link from different sources, it shows that the material on the page is helpful. 

One can use various ways to rise referral traffic. One strategy is using social media marketing extensively. Sharing videos, images, or links on Twitter or Facebook can generate a lot of traffic. Another way is commenting on platforms like Quora. Sharing the link with the description of content inside can be a helpful guide for the questions of the people. Alternatively, influencer marketing can be useful, too. If influential people share the link, there is a high probability that many people will follow their advice and enter the website.

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