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Glossary keyword - Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a type of design that automatically adjusts its view to the screen of a device it is looked through. This kind of design is flexible to fit in the screen of diverse-sized devices, such as cell-phones, tablets and more. It helps a user browse through a website with ease. With the help of responsive design, the viewer enjoys a user-friendly website. This, in turn, helps them see the content as they would on a desktop PC or a laptop. 

Why Responsive Design is important

There are multiple reasons why businesses should use Responsive Design. It is a crucial factor for the enhanced usability of a website. High-quality usability amplifies user experience while browsing through the website. This, in turn, results in a website achieving more mobile traffic. 

Another advantage of Responsive Design is that it makes a website faster. Users are generally unhappy when they have to linger on a website while it is loading. They do not want to be redirected to the mobile application of a website while opening it. 

Responsive Design is crucial for SEO, as well. It is nearly as significant to SEO as engaging content. Responsive Design is also beneficial in avoiding duplicate content. There may be duplicate content issues due to different mobile and desktop versions of a site.

History of Responsive Design 

The phrase of “Responsive Design” was initially used by Ethan Marcotte. It was defined as elastic images or liquid grid in an article published in “A List Apart” in 2010. The practice and concept of Responsive Design were described by Ethan Marcotte in his book named “Responsive Web Design”. Despite the term that was first used in 2010, the first website to utilize Responsive Design was in 2001. Though this type of design was not given a name back then, the site could adjust itself to the view of different browsers.

In 2016, Google announced to reward websites with a responsive design with better ranking. 

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