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Glossary keyword - Rich Snippet

Rich Snippet

What is Rich Snippet?

In the world of Google search engines, a snippet is a small sample of information that a web page shows to users on search results. In May 2009, Google announced that there would be a new phenomenon that is called a rich snippet. The definition of the term is representing a new snippet type. It applies Google algorithms that highlight structured data that is embedded in web pages. 

The Use of Snippets?

Snippets are used for providing a summary of the topic following the search results. Most of the webmasters and web site operators use these tools. To display snippets, webmasters and website admins need to use mark-up formats such as RDFa and Microformats. These tools allow providing structured data for SERP. Site operators can add rich snippets to existing HTML, which would lead to a better understanding of Google about the information that each web page of that site is offering. 

Search engines improve their search results through featured snippets. With the help of snippets, users can find exactly what they are looking for, and more precise results can be obtained because of mark-up technology. In regular search engine results, users can access the URL, the title, and the meta description of the site if they wrote it. With rich snippets, webmasters now can offer more than just that. Snippets help users and webmasters identify if the search result is a blog post, a person, a business, or a review. 

What to expect after using a rich snippet? 

  • Google starts analyzing the snippets after ten to fourteen days

  • If webmaster did everything correct and per Google’s trending algorithm, then snippets will start to show up for some pages

  • Only after about eight weeks, websites get rewarded with snippets by Google. 

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