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Glossary keyword - Schema markup

Schema markup

Schema markup is a new form of optimization which gives search engines information about a particular webpage. Despite being a crucial aspect of SEO, many website owners do not make use of schema markup.

When a user truly understands the concept and method of it, he or she can boost the website’s rankings by clearly describing its content to search bots. Developers put the code on websites to make sure the search engines bring back richer results for visitors.

How Schema markup works

The content on a user’s website can get a return on the search results page and index it. But while using schema markup, a part of the material gets indexed and brought back in another way. The reason for this is, markup can tell the search engine what the actual content is defining. One way of looking at it is if a user searches with the name of a person, then the search engine results page will show the user with results associated with that name. But if the right schema markup is placed around the title, then the search engines will display the name of the person as it is associated with the exact topic, it could be an author’s name, etc. In the end, the search engine results page will be displaying more relevant content related to the searched name or topic leading to a great search engine optimization.

The use of schema markup

Schema markups can be used to help all types of content rank higher. It could be simple articles, and specific details associated with it, to things like a local business. Local businesses like restaurants can use schema markups to make details about particular information in their business, like menu items and pricing. This can make it easier for users to access such information much faster than in conventional ways. 

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