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Glossary keyword - Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is a powerful, simple-to-use software that allows users to identify issues on their website from an SEO perspective. It crawls websites, collects data, and organize the website in helpful ways. Screaming frog: 

  • Searches for websites with programming errors, such as server errors, protocols, and 404s

  • Finds problems with a website that can affect the SEO, such as duplicate content, how the canonicals apply throughout the entire site, or internal redirects. 

  • Helps to review SEO-related site elements such as meta descriptions, title tags, and the usage of headings on the site 

  • Helps to scrape contents which allow searching for specific contents, monitor Google Analytics, and other related elements

  • Searches for linking opportunities through the scraping capabilities of the screaming frog, such as searching for outbound links

Any professional in the web industry can use screaming frog depending on their role and how they utilize the software. For example, website marketers use a screaming frog because most website marketers are less technical, and the software helps to gather the data needed and search for technical issues without necessarily having the technical expertise. 

Web designers and developers use the software as a post-launch to scan the websites and search for issues before they finally launch the site. Content managers can exchange content on a website and search for specific pages on the site, and the screaming frog can help find the contents faster. Also, anyone can use the software because it does not require an expert to operate the software. 


Screaming frogs have many more advantages. When used correctly, it is a powerful tool that can help websites to gain the exposure it needs. So, in summary, the software helps SEO professionals or anyone to identify all the technical SEO analysis. It also allows users to have a better look at website domains. Doing so helps to know what’s happening in terms of technical SEO and on-page SEO optimization. 


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