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Glossary keyword - Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) are web pages displayed when a user performs a search on a search engine. Usually, these results show up hierarchically based on their relevance to the keyword query. SERP often contains advertisements. These may be a direct or indirect relevance to the search term. Results on the search page are of two categories, organic search (products of search engine’s algorithms) and sponsored search (ad placements) - Search results in descending other of relevance to the search term. Every result retrieved onto the result page has a short text called meta description that describes its relevance to the query, a link that connects to the original webpage, and a title.

Relevancy on SERP

On the other hand, advertisers of sponsored content have full control of these aspects of the search result. SERPs are usually several pages long. This is due to the massive volume of online content relevant to a search term. However, these can be filtered down. When filtered, it displays results based on the user’s preferences. These preferences can involve restrictions on the number of results to show per page. This makes ranging higher up in results very competitive for brands and businesses. Because the following pages after the first page have less relevant results and lower rankings. Nevertheless, this isn’t straightforward, and the position of results is complicated due to factors like search intent, consumer expectation, and browsing history.

Three Components 

Primarily, SERP has three main components. These are the advertisements, organic search results, and query. Apart from these three, there are other minor components like images, answer boxes, search suggestions, videos, maps, rich snippets, and definitions. The major names in search; Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have these features and components on their SERP. According to a recent conducted on Google, 97% of search results included at least one enhanced functionality.

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