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Glossary keyword - Search Traffic

Search Traffic

Search traffic is the term used to describe the total amount of web traffic coming to a website from the SERP. Usually, it covers visitors coming to a site who click on the links on SERPs. In other words, it’s a category of Google Analytics that deals with traffic coming into a website from inorganic and organic sources. 

This category of Google Analytics is used to examine the flow of traffic from a number of different search perspectives. Despite all the technical factors, search traffic generally encompasses all the different accesses a website has to visitors through search technology. It plays a crucial role in helping to determine the effectiveness of SEO and other marketing efforts. 

General Details

Those using Google Analytics to analyze their web traffic get to segment the source of their visitors’ into very specific categories. The analytics tool enables users to divide the different web traffic sources into sections. One of these segments is the search accesses of the website. This segment contains a summary of the sources where organic and paid search visitors come from. 

Hence, search traffic comprises any redirect from search results, whether they are paid search or organic search sources. As such, Google Analytics functions with dimensions of traffic sources. Every individual access or channel of traffic comprises content, possible keywords, medium, campaign, or source. 

It’s Relevance

The search traffic analysis can help marketers or site owners examine and compare different sources of traffic for strengths and weaknesses. Also, analyzing helps bring out different scenarios to improve site traffic from various sources to help achieve business objectives.

For example, it’s possible to apply the search traffic such that the site’s mobile ads target the use of a specific demographic and social media platform. Such that, these ads aim for users from highly profitable locations.


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