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Glossary keyword - Search Volume

Search Volume

Search volume refers to the number of specific keywords searched in a given period. In other words, it’s the volume of searches people queried in a particular time frame, say, a month. However, the volume fluctuates very often, so the measure is usually an estimate, not the actual figure. Most keyword research tools refer to Google Keyword Planner to get their data.

Search volume is one of the significant metrics used by businesses to build their brand presence. When it comes to SEO, it can help companies to optimize their website to gain exposure, thus, boosting their products and services.

Search volume plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization in researching for the most relevant keywords. The tricky part is choosing whether to use high or low volumes. High search volume usually means high competition, but also a high traffic possibility to the marketer’s website. However, when a keyword has a low volume, the user can direct the traffic to their website. The traffic is low due to the overall low volume of the keyword.

High search volume keywords usually have one word and normally general. They are known as short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are generally detailed and contain more than three or four words. For marketers to have a sustainable SEO plan, there has to be a combination of the short-tail and long-tail keywords. In doing so, marketers should monitor the search volumes of the keywords to make changes whenever there’s an overall change in keyword trends.

Marketers should know that the volume can never give accurate data; it can only provide approximations and projections. However, it’s good to learn how to use search volume in the marketing strategy. Long-tail keywords have their benefits as well as short-tail keywords. It’s up to the marketer to determine which one to use and how to combine them to achieve the desired marketing goal. 


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