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Glossary keyword - Sitelink


What is Sitelink?

Sitelink is a hyperlink that appears on particular google listings and consists of various subpages of websites. These links help users navigate easily on search engine results and find useful information that they have been looking for. Web site owners cannot use these links independently and assign them to whichever page they would like to show. Google can make links and add them to the search result pages though web site owners can block some of the links that they think are useless in terms of their usage. Per every web site, Google can assign a minimum of one and a maximum of ten links.

Sitelinks and Marketing Campaigns 

Experts such as John Jerkovic, think that website owners need to be passionate about having a sitelink because it is so vital in terms of authority. The links are frequently used for marketing campaigns because of their view on search engine result pages. They occupy additional space on the result page, which helps website owners to lower their competitors’ websites standing on the result pages visually. These links can also help marketers if they can utilize them wisely. That will allow Google to make sitelink to web pages that they think to offer more relevant information. 

They are Beneficial Because:

  • They give brands more Search Engine Result Page real estate. That means Google can assign about six sitelinks for a particular website, and that website can occupy almost four or five times the space of the computer screen whenever the user does searches. On the phone screen, it can take almost all the screen size, which would be very helpful for website owners. 

  • They give users more options that they can use for navigating in particular sites that offer these links. Users can go directly to the page of the website that answers their questions. Sitelink can direct organic traffic because they lead users to various areas on the sites, which may interest users. 


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