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Glossary keyword - Sitemap


A sitemap is a list of pages on a website. There are primarily three principal types of sitemaps. The first one is the sitemap utilized in the planning of a website by its creators. The second one is usually hierarchical of the pages on a website. They are also called human-visible lists. Finally, there are structured listings. They are primarily used by web crawlers. 

Types of Sitemaps

Most of the sites have user-visible site maps. They introduce an organized hierarchical view of the website. Their goal is to assist visitors in finding particular pages. Also, crawlers may use sitemaps to analyze the website. Site indexes, also known as alphabetically systematic site maps, are a distinct approach. Apart from this, the XML sitemap is just another type. It is utilized by search engine crawlers to locate page keywords. Sitemaps classify pages on a website, their relative significance, and their update frequency. For some specific sites, the importance of the XML sitemap is even more. These are websites the pages of which are usually invisible. Here, the pages can be seen only through the search part of the site. Lastly, XML Sitemaps also play a role in navigation aid. They do it by supplying an overview of the website content.

XML Sitemaps

XMLs has substituted the traditional way of “submitting to search engines.” They have done it by filling in a form on the submission page of the search engine. Now, web developers wait for search engines to find the Sitemap or submit it directly. Consistent submission of an updated sitemap might enable search engines to find and index such pages faster. So, search engines would struggle to find pages by themselves. It is one of the primary benefits of the use of XMLs.

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