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Glossary keyword - Slider


A slider is a graphical control component that functions to adjust the volume. In a majority of software programs, a graphical user interface is utilized to direct the instructions of a user to a computer. User-interface is the process of a person’s interaction with a computer. With the help of a graphical user interface, a user gives instructions to the software. This can be done by clicking or pushing a virtual button. The movement of this virtual button is the movement of the slider in order to realize the command from a user. 

Uses of the Slider in Video Streaming

The uses of the Slider is not limited to controlling the volume. It is also widely used in video streaming. Here a buffer is usually used so that a user can start watching the video. Buffering is basically storing the data in a reserved area. Hence, with the help of the buffer, a user is able to watch the video without having it fully downloaded. It is up to a user to how to control the slider in video streaming. It is possible to move it more or less depending on the preference of a user. 

The Slider in Graphics

The Slider is commonly utilized in graphics applications, as well. It is mainly used to generate a custom color. For this, a user has to choose the color range by pressing the virtual button. After choosing the color range, he can adjust the shade of the color. A slider is a common tool for editing applications, too. Here to regulate the elements such as brightness or contrast of a picture, a user has to click on the slider and move it to a certain direction to achieve the desired result. 

Sliders are typically very easy to use, in most cases, they are marked with numbers to help users make adjustments.

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