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Glossary keyword - Social Media Ads Manager

Social Media Ads Manager

Social Media Ads Manager is an essential tool to run ads on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Audience Network. This tool helps users and advertisers to generate ads by managing campaigns performance and controlling the placement and timing of ads. Interestingly, every advertiser can use this Ads Manager regardless of experience level.

Who Should Use Ads Manager

Social Media Ads Manager helps advertisers and users to fully control ads and target audiences. It also helps to get more granular parameters to schedule and budget ads. The Ads Manager interface is linked to users’ social media account. It is possible to navigate to Ads Manager from the homepage. Users can also access all advanced creation tools of any social media platform in one place that includes duplication of and bulk uploads of ads. Ads Manager is capable of providing the following benefits in Social Media Marketing:

-To boost brand identity.

Social Media Ads Manager, such as Facebook, Instagram, allows advertisers to create new ad campaigns. In this tool, it is possible to set up campaign settings: ads objective and audience. It also provides a chance to apply for personal creative works. For example, in Facebook Ads Manager, users can upload their ad creative and write ad copy. Additionally, it allows users to review how their ads look on various devices like laptops and smartphones.

-To manage the ads campaign.

This Ads Manager contributes to review and adjust ads campaigns by easily editing target audience, budget, creative and placement options. Additionally, it is possible to edit a bulk majority of ads, and always pause, relaunch and copy these campaigns.

-To improve scheduling and reporting.

Social Media Ads Manager provides reporting tools that allow users and advertisers to determine whether ads reach targeted purposes or not. In this way, it is easier to adjust images, budget and audience and develop ads campaign performance.

-To control creation.

Advertisers are capable of setting ad campaigns, elements, and sets how and when they want. Professional advertisers can also use this quick creation. Additionally, before starting a campaign, an advertiser can use guide creation to learn its essential elements by applying Social Media Ads Manager.

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