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Glossary keyword - Social Media Bio

Social Media Bio

Social Media Bio is a component of a user’s social media accounts. It is a space that organizations, influencers, marketers, and other individuals share essential information about themselves. Individuals giving information about their hobbies, along with some descriptive information. This information includes their age, interests, and a brief description of their character traits. If the owner of the social media account uses it as a business profile, they mostly write about the nature of the business, objectives, contact information, and website of the company. That website URL on social media accounts is called link in bio. Link in a bio is the clickable link that other users of that social media platform can access.

Link in bio feature of SMB

Some owners choose to mention product pages in the link in bio URL while others put about us or landing pages of their websites. In popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, link in bio feature of the social media bio is frequently used. On Instagram, it is a little bit harder because the platform does not allow you to put more than one link directly. Though users of Instagram can post links with different captions.

Benefits of Good Social Media Bio

Brands in social media get personalized, and that is the main advantage of bio in social media. Users can acquire an initial impression of the brand through SM bios. 

A good social media bio helps business owners engage with more people because millions of people use social media accounts, and you cannot find a better place for promotion. According to Statista(2019, July statistics), numbers of active social media users for popular sites are:

  • Facebook- 2.37 billion

  • Twitter-330 million

  • YouTube- 2 billion

  • Whatsapp- 1.6 billion

  • Facebook Messenger-1.3 billion

  • WeChat-1.12 billion

  • Instagram-1billion

Because of this, social media bio generates more hits and increase website visibility while using different #hashtags and keywords.

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