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Glossary keyword - Spam Score

Spam Score

The spam score is a rating metric used to determine the quality of a website by checking how a site is spammy. It represents the percentage of websites with common features banned or penalized by Google. Moz, the creators of the spam score, used 27 similar features identified among millions of penalized or banned sites to develop the score.

It’s important to know that a site with a high spammy score doesn’t necessarily mean that a website is spammy. It also doesn’t mean that a particular link linking to the site has a high spammy percentage. Instead, webmasters can use the percentages to figure out the relevancy and quality of the inbound links to their websites. Usually, it’s a sign that webmasters should investigate more before they conclude.

The spam score bases their percentage on the correlation between the penalized sites and not the cause of the penalization. Which means the solution is not to remove links or make changes on the website. Instead, use it as a determining factor for further investigation.

Spam Score and Backlinks

A backlink with one spam may not be harmful to a website. But several spam backlinks can cause a website to rank low. In fact, one of the highest contributors to low rankings and penalization by Google is spam links. So, it’s relevant that webmasters prevent spam links any means necessary. And the score is the way to avoid spammy websites.

Every website has at least one spam flag. But Google rarely sees them as spam. As the spams accumulate, there’s a likelihood that Google will find out and penalize the site. That’s where the spam score is relevant. It uses 17 spam flags to detect the quality of a website using the spam percentage. Using the score can significantly improve the overall SEO score of the website, and thus, enhancing its SERP rankings.





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