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Glossary keyword - Split Testing

Split Testing

What is Split Testing?

Split testing, or multivariate testing, is a systematic way of conducting controlled, random experiments to improve website metrics. The random and controlled experiments are done with the goal of improvement parameters such as purchases, completions, and clicks. SERP visitors generally do not have an idea of being part of the experiment. The experiment gives owners and administrators a deeper insight into what’s working on individual webpages and what is not. 

The Goal of Split Testing

The main objective of the process is to gain statistically significant data that can help website owners determine which website pages are generating more traffic than others. These results are then compared, and help website owners come to a particular conclusion. To know the conversion rate of separate sites, split testing is one of the best exercises that web administrators can utilize. 

What is the purpose of using this method?

Split testing is an efficient tool that can help site owners and web administrators. It is useful to understand why their site is not converting the way that they plan it to. Besides they can see which type of content is hindering growth (more conversions). This tool helps owners know which page versions have a higher interaction rate with future customers and which versions are not performing well. Information and the design of the webpages are also vital for determining conversion rates. After the testing process, owners will have a better idea about the preferences of their visitors to make adjustments accordingly. 

The Benefits

Split testing is perfect for websites that generate low web traffic. Website owners can create two versions of the same site and then run ST, to identify which one has more conversion rate. 

It generates more money for business- After testing process, website owners would know which is the best version for their site. Armed with this data, they can optimize conversion rates better, which would result in higher turnover. 

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