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Glossary keyword - SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate, also known as TLS by its new name, is an encryption certificate that is designed to protect communications between a web browser and the server from third-party threats. The issuer of the certificate is the only third party that is confided by both – the owner of the certificate and the user of the website. The owner of the certificate is also the owner of the website and the user of the website is the one who depends on that certificate.

Issuing Certificate

SSL certificate is generated by Certificate Authorities, where the name of the owner and a public key exist. The corresponding confidential key is not opened to the public. It is managed privately by the final user who created the key pair. By issuing the certificate, Certificate Authority also verifies that the public key enclosed in the certificate is owned by an individual, company, and others. This is also mentioned on the certificate. Certificate Authorities are obliged to approve the authorization of an applicant in such cases. This is to make sure that the data on the certificate is confided by relying parties. Usually, Certificate Authorities select different measures for this. Basically, it is their responsibility to confirm the identity of their clients. Hence, if the relying party is confident about the signature of CA on the certificate, they can trust the owner of the public key that is considered to be possessed by the name of the certificate.

Types of SSL Certificate

Several types of SSL certificates exist. Depending on their needs, customers can get any of them. Domain Validation (DV) is usual for sites that do not need user-related data. The benefit of it is it will let them be cost-efficient. Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (OV) are more typical for bigger websites that can be demanded to show their verification. This will again be up to the client to decide which Certificate best suits their website. 

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