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Glossary keyword - Taxonomy



Taxonomy is a scientific term that implies organizing objects into categories. The term entered technology from life-sciences. The term comes from Greek words – 'taxis' and 'nomos' that means 'division' and 'law,' respectively. Thus, assortment is the "law of division." In search engines, a taxonomy can improve the relevance of vertical results. In the digital world, categorization decides the method by which a website will sort its data. The system pre-defines how sorting will be done.

Taxonomy is the backbone on which the entire structure of a website or application rests. It's vital to create accurate taxonomies for well-organized sites and apps. Structuring of content into data structures is handy. They are also an essential component of information structure. Information structure defines the relationships, formats, and categories of all the data in a particular application or website.

Kinds of Taxonomies

It's important to note that taxonomies are usually hierarchical structures. Such a categorization is more extensive and expandable. They may also be in the form of flat, network-based, or facet taxonomy. The flat assortment comprises a homepage with categories. There are no further levels in the subcategories. Secondly, Associations are the basis of network taxonomies. Lastly, a Facet assortment includes more such taxonomies within them. Taxonomists are one of the key role-players in the world of Artificial Intelligence and its development.

Taxonomies and SEO 

Taxonomies play a significant role in website design and SEO. It requires the usage patterns of the target audience. A taxonomist works in close collaboration with graphic artists too. While defining a taxonomy, it's essential to keep certain things in mind. It should not nest more than five levels and must be logical. It must be easy to understand. A good assortment is media independent, as well. After this, the ultimate web design is ready. To keep them from going out-dated, it's also essential to update categorization structures from time to time. The updates can also be concerning new products and their information because regular check-ups are a prerequisite for great websites.

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