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Glossary keyword - Traffic



In the digital world, the more computing, the better it is for a website. Web traffic entails the greatest portion of global internet usage. It represents how many ‘visits’ a website gets. These visits or ‘sessions’ are a useful parameter to measure how effective a webpage/site has been. Technically speaking, computing is the amount of data exchange between a visitor and the webpage/site. During a session, the website server sends files to the user’s device. So, these files entail all graphics and text of the requested web page. There may be dozens of files for a single webpage too. Eventually, more data transfers to the user’s device, more website computing accumulates too.  

Why Track Traffic?

Web Analytics track this matter to come up with statistical information. The average number of page views per visitor, the page and visit duration, bounce rates, the most requested and popular pages along with sources of this computing – it digs out extensive information. This study is vital for any online business for marketing purposes. Google Analytics is a free and trustworthy tool for data research. One must note that website traffic isn’t the only priority. It is only when ‘hits’ on a website turn into conversions that desirable results set in. By monitoring computing, website planners can target weaknesses.


There are primarily three kinds of traffic – direct, organic, and inorganic. When there is no referring website/source for a visit, it implies that the computing is direct. It primarily includes those visits in which the visitor enters a URL link to visit a website. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is the most sought after. Usually, organic computing comes from search engines like Google or Bing. Hits through PPC (Pay Per Click) and ad campaigns count as inorganic computing. However, these paid campaigns might stimulate audiences to make organic visits later. SEO is the back-bone of organic traffic. E-mail and social media marketing generate organic visits too.

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