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Glossary keyword - URL Parameter

URL Parameter

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique address of every website on the internet. The site also has several web pages. URL parameters are added to the end of the parameter to record data in real-time. So, each time a user clicks on a link within a web page, it enables the same page to let him view endless other pages. This glossary is an example of the usage of parameters. Google and Bing both allow users to ignore parameters on purpose. The Webzool page can power this particular webpage using a URL parameter.

How to Create URL Parameters?

URL parameters help web designers to create dynamic websites. As a result, they are handy for those who make shopping sites with faceted navigation. These parameters are extensions of the URL and can be appended to it using the "?" sign first, followed by the parameter. You can join parameters using the "=" sign and separate them using "&." The "+" sign replaces the spaces. You can also use parameters to add data to the URL path, which you cannot add otherwise.

Types of Parameters

There are two kinds of parameters. Content Modifying Parameters pass the information on the landing page. Such a modifier takes the visitor to a particular web page on your site. Tracking parameters are for recording real-time, click information. Mainly, the use of parameters comes into play when a website has duplicate pages and identical URLs. Sites also use them to track session IDs and power search queries.

SEO and URL Parameter

A website may have to bear penalty and a severe fall of SERP if it doesn't use URL parameters in duplicate pages. Some search engines have rules against that. So that the URL parameter does not cause SEO issues, you must ensure that – the copy of the URL while using search filter changes along with page title and meta description. One can also use the Parameters Tool offered by Google to manage them.

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