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Glossary keyword - Url Structure Optimization

Url Structure Optimization

URL structure optimization is the rearranging or planning of the Url structure of a website to allow easy, quick, and reliable accessibility both by human beings and web tools like search engines. The structure allows easy identification of the various pages. Also including the files available on a given website. URL commonly called ‘web address’ is a human-readable text. It is meant to take the place of the IP address. Computers and servers use it to communicate. Therefore, optimization of Url structure is usually done for SEO and user experience purposes. Since these two factors have a bearing on each other.

Important Role of URL Structure Optimization

URL structure optimization ensures a well-crafted URL that quickly describes the destination page; it tells both search engines and users about the website. Giving a fair idea of what the page is about. This way, users have a fair idea of what to expect on the page. The best URL is “semantically accurate” and accurately describe their destination pages. It’s therefore essential for SEO reasons to get the URL right. For the benefit of your website, users, and search engines. Simplicity and brevity are always favorable for the sake of URL structure optimization. Also, keyword-rich URLs are very crucial for SEO. And because of their relevance, they make a more trustworthy web address.

Therefore URL structure optimization seeks to incorporate these essential elements. Hence, delivering a more relevant, readable, and targeted web address. This guarantees a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Which leads to a higher conversion of the resulting web traffic. The higher CTR tells Google’s search algorithm about the relevance of your site for the specific search term. Which also increases the organic search ranking of a site. This is user behavior that signals Google to promote a website higher up the search results page. 


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