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Glossary keyword - UTM Parameters

UTM Parameters

UTM parameters are the tags that marketers add to their URL links. Whenever that link is clicked, those tags are sent back to Google analytics for further tracking process. The effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns can be enhanced through the usage of UTM parameters, so people can tag their links and get more views. To drive more visitors to their sites, website owners need to use these types of parameters. 

Advantages of using UTM parameters?

If website owners started to use these parameters, they would get a chance to see how much traffic came from FB posts instead of checking FB referrals. People can use this tool for twitter too. They can tag their tweets in these parameters so that they observe traffic and compare it with overall twitter referral. UTM parameters in URLs can be used for both blog posts and pay per click (PPC) digital marketing campaigns that companies run. 

Types of Urchin Tracking Module Parameters

  • UTM source – which is one of the required items- This parameter aims to determine the source of the traffic. For example, referrals, newsletters, and search engines are some of them. 

Example of UTM source: utm_source=facebook

  • UTM_Medium- This is another parameter that is required for all the UTMs. The aim of this is to determine the type of medium link. For instance, medium links can be used as CPC, email, or other methods of sharing the information. 

Example: utm_medium=CPC

  • UTM Campaign is the last required parameter. This UTM parameter aims to determine a strategic campaign or a particular promotion method. For instance, strategic campaigns can be new features, partnerships, product launch, and promotion tactics can be summed as sale or giveaway.


  • UTM_ Term- is one of the UTM parameters, and it suggests a paid search that helps users to determine keywords for their ad campaigns. People can skip this phase only if they use Google Adwords. In Google Adwords, they can use the auto-tagging feature by connecting their Adwords account with a Google Analytics account. 

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