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Glossary keyword - UX Design

UX Design

User experience (UX) design is the process deployed by design teams to build products that offer relevant and meaningful experiences to users. The design process usually covers the whole process of procuring and integrating the product, including features of usability, branding, function, and design. Often, designers use the terms user interface design and user experience design interchangeably. But user interface (UI) design and usability as both significant aspects of UX design stead of its equal, which makes these two subsets of UX design. Apart from these two, UX design also covers several other areas like web design too. In short, user experience design is the completed story of a product before it gets into the hands of users.

User Experience

To provide excellent user experience, popular products like the iPhone take into account more than the product's usability and consumption. Such products also consider every step along the line of acquiring, owning, and even troubleshooting the product. Therefore, a UX design doesn't only concentrate efforts on building usable products. They also focus on other features of the user experience like fun, efficiency, and pleasure too. As a result, good user experience has more than one definition. In the sense that good user experience is any instance where a particular product meets the user's expectations in a specific context of use.

User Satisfaction

UX design makes careful consideration of how what and why of a product to deliver user satisfaction. The How encompasses the design of functionality in an aesthetically pleasing and accessible manner. What relates to the problems people use the product to solve and its complete functionality. The Why covers the motivations and intentions behind a user's adoption of a specific product. This could either be personal views or values associated with ownership or task users wish to perform with the product.


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