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Glossary keyword - Viral Content

Viral Content

Viral content is media such as an article or a video that quickly spreads across the internet or other platforms. What is fantastic about viral content is that usually, no one pays for it to go viral. All the people share viral content with their users or friends free of charge usually because it is particularly interesting.

Do you remember the video that went viral last week? It was interesting, wasn’t it? Everyone saw that video and was holding discussions about it. The creator of that video probably has never planned for it to go viral. But it just did. So what is viral content? All mentions, references, and links get created by themselves without needing a promotion. Pushing the content a little bit which has a potential of going viral, making it known to a five hundred or a thousand people at first is enough to get the process going.

Why content goes viral?

Most often viral content appears on blogs, on the news, forums and of course on social media. Social media has become the most significant content multiplier, especially viral content around the globe. One reason why content goes viral is that sharing something on social media is quite straightforward. A social media user can make a couple of clicks to show something to her followers or friends. It is also because people are always present on social media. We don’t watch the news or read newspapers as much as we spend time on social media. Suddenly an interesting content appears on social media, and everyone feels the urge to show it to their friends and spread it even further. 

Viral content and SEO

Companies who want to bring more traffic to their website or page on social media are always trying to create viral content. If they succeed, their site will be shared, the traffic will be multiplied, and their ranking on Google search engine results will increase making them appear on top of the search engine results. Therefore, viral content is always used by search engine optimizers who want to bring in more customers and multiply their sales. 

Is creating viral content easy?

Creating viral content can seem to be easy at first. But in reality, creating viral content is a challenging and painstaking task which requires a lot of knowledge and experience in content marketing and psychology of the mass population. For a person who has little to no experience in creating viral content, failing is usual. It should not discourage the person who just started to pursue this job. As mentioned above, it takes insight and a lot of practical experience.

How to create viral content?

If you want to get lots of shares and views for your content, it has to be at least interesting and relevant at the same time. But to get people to take their time and start watching your video, you have to give it a compelling caption or headline. When people see something, they look at its caption first, then decide if they should watch the video, or it is not worth their time. Therefore, the heading of your content has to be carefully thought out so it can get maximum attention. 
It is important not to forget the emotional factors of your content. Your content has to bring out emotions in people that will directly affect the number of shares your viral content gets.

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